High-speed internet and data services

Utilising a wide range of products to all levels of end users, from residential customer, enterprise, health care as well as supporting mining and agricultural industries.

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Fixed Wireless

XYZ Telecom with its business partner Maret Infrastructure has one of the largest networks of microwave radio devices in the country, providing our RSP customers with services up to 10Gbps speeds.


In-building cabled locations (On-Net)

XYZ Telecom supports several locations on the eastern seaboard with pre-cabled internet services that can provide high speed internet connectivity to our Residential and Business customers in the building.


Wholesales Fibre connectivity

In conjunction with our tier 1 upstream providers, XYZ Telecom provides high speed internet and data connectivity delivered over Fibre direct to end users' premises.


NBN Services

XYZ Telecom provides end users with business grade NBN services direct to their premises.